Sunday, February 6, 2011

Okay I'll try again

Well we went to Hawaii for two wweks befroe christmas and REALLY enjoyed ourselves. We spent the first week on Kawaii and the second week on the big Island of Hawaii. It was a great rest. We had fun in the sun and went touring the islands most days. We loved the waves and the sand and the people. Robert went on a helicopter ride over the Napali Coast were they filmed many movies especially Jurassic Park and others. The water falls were beautiful. I am a chicken so I went to walmart for breakfast at McDonald's and bought some t-shirts.
We really enjoyed the trip to the volcanoes. It is an awesome sight to see the devistation of the lava flows right down to the ocean. We stayed and went to the top of one volcano sight at night and the glow from the lava was awesome. They have very little lighting up there so it was pitch black and the ground was glowing. We saw Huge turtles climb up on the beach to sun themselves and one day Robert was snorkeling and there were two girls snorkling in the bay and a shark came by. Everyone was safe, in fact the girls didn't even see it. The people were wonderful and the sunny days at the beach were beyond description.
Robert will be having a knee replacement on April 7th. I am a little worried about the surgery but when we went to the surgeon he was awesome. It was like we were old friends and he had a great bedside manner. He will consult with the heart specialist re the difibralator etc. We will have to move a bed down to the family room so he can watch TV etc. after the surgery.
We were blessed by a new Grand daughter in January. Her name is Haven Jean Hull. We have seen pictures of her and she is a real cutey. Hope to see her soon.
Megan's little Kingston is growing and so cute. I try to got down to Meg's almost everyday for my Kingston fix. He just knows how to make me feel great with his big smile and laugh.
Love to all and have a great year.

Our Lives

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catch Up

Let's try again. We had a great summer at the cabin. We were there more often than at home. We had a great family reunion with the Hull's. We had around 85 or so family come and beautiful weather. It was so great to see everyone. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to be there. Life has been interesting with Robert having a Implantable Cardioverter Defibrilator in his chest. If his heart beat gets irregular it will shock him so it feels like a horse kicking him in the chest. We got to spend time with all our children and grandchildren at the cabin. Everyone is back to school and Jaxon and Paige are off to school for their 1st year. They are pretty excited. We have been hibbernating already. we had snow twice so far. Just a bit but it was a bit of an awakening as to what is to come. Robert's 60th birthday was on Sept 3rd and we all met at the cabin and had a great time. Well I'd better get to work and do my exercises. Hope all is well with everyone.

Catch up

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well were do I start. Megan called in church on Sunday May 9th. Mother's day and her birthday. Her baby was due June 2nd but she was quite swollen and her blood pressure was high. She thought she was in labor. I drove to her house and she was definitely in labor. I was afraid she was too close to delivery so I took her to Cardston Hosp. They sent her from there to the Lethbridge hospital with the sirens on and at top speed. They said the only reason she didn't have the baby in the ambulance was that he got stuck on the way out. All was well but we had planned on doing our shopping and preparing in the next 3 weeks. I had to do some rush shopping so he would have something to wear and a car seat to come home in. We love our little Kingston and he is a good baby. That's the good news.
On May 16th at about 3 am I woke up because Robert was struggling for breath. He was white as a ghost and barely breathing. I shook him and turned him on his side and called the ambulance. I was scared to death. Just before the ambulance got here, He woke up and ran to our bathroom and vomitted in the sink. He appeared to be awake and even answer the ambulance attendents questions. They said he had the flu. I told them he wasn't breathing and was struggling in bed. They said he had the flu. They agreed to take him to the hospital. When we got there they had convinsed the Dr. and nurse he had the flu. They put him in a back room and proceeded to tell me he had the flu. I was so frustrated because I knew he was going to die. Well he did. They worked on him for quite awhile and got him semistable and rushed him to Lethbridge Hosp. were his heart stopped again. My good friends the Leavitt's drove me to the hospital. Andrea met us at the hospital around 4am and was a true blessing. She took care of me all day and was recieving and calling family members on her cell phone most of the day and evening. Her house was a mad house because she had to make room for me. She also thought all of Robert's kids were coming so she had her 5 kids sleeping on her bedroom floor. When we first went in to see Robert he had numerous tubes in him. He had approximately 10-12 bags of IV running and a nasogastric tube into his stomach and he had a tube into his lungs so they could get oxygen to his body. He looked gastly. I was sure I would lose him. We cried and prayed and cried and prayed. The nurse was awesome. She took care of all of us. They had to sedate him so he wouldn't fight. Glenys, Dave, Brad and Robert's Mom came to see him and give him a blessing. Grandma was very upset. The men also gave me a blessing in the waiting room. Andrea and I sat there most of the day holding his hand and telling him to get better and that we loved him. The rest of the day was a blurr of tests and talking to the Dr. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with him so they sent every test to the Foothills hospital in Calgary so they could help diagnos the problem. The afternoon was stressful because he started waking up and fighting the tubes etc. They kept talking about possible brain damage and that was really scarey. the nurse we had said the fighting and restlessness was usual for someone who had coded so many times. That is about all I can do right now. The outcome was good but I think it is also good for me to write this out and get rid of some of the feelings of helplessness and dread. We are at home and doing well. We have to follow aup at the Cjhildren's hosp in Calgary for genetic couselling and go to the pacemaker clinic in Lethbridge to have his Implantable Cardioverter Defibrilator checked. What a change to our lives but the most important part is that he is alive.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


We have a new dog and his name is Riley. He is still a puppy but quite big, he is a black lab cross of some kind. He loves to run and play and chew things. Every morning we wake to see what he has dragged out of the garage. Yesterday there was a shoe (luckily an old one that we gave him), a frozen potpie box, a popcan box, his food dish, and a few papers torn to shreds. He loves to chew. He used to run in front of the cars as they left our farm but must have been hit a bit or something as he now runs out in the field beside the car. He loves to come into the house on cold days and is pretty good at staying on the floor and not going on the carpets. I give him a chew toy everyday and a handfull of dog biscuits and fill an icecream bucket with food. Obviously it isn't enough chewing. Of course the magpies go into the garage one at a time to eat his dog food while one keeps watch outside. He is really fun to walk with and loves going to the cemetary at the end of our road. It's funny how much I love to have him around. I try to walk him but I think he walks me. Animals are such good therapy especially when they are as cute as Riley.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hull Family Reunion

Sorry about that I pressed the wrong button. We have wanted to have a Hull reunion for the last few years and this year we are going to do it. I voluteered to have it at the cabin. Now I am stressing about it. This is how I do things best. We need to decide on a date and then do the planning. My sister Shirley had the great idea that Robert's sisters and I should go to the cabin and plan things out. I can't wait to go. Anyways the biggest problem is when? Andrea has booked time at the cabin and my other sister Sharon and her husband are coming from Ontario for two weeks. It will be a blast I"m sure. Everyone will bring trailers or tents etc. If you have any good ideas send them to me at please. There will be all ages from 2 newborns to Robert's Mom in her 80's. We have a few boats coming and lots of beautiful lakes to go to, a firepit sandy beaches etc. I hope lots of the grandkids and great grand kids can make it and all of Mom's children. For those who haven't seen the cabin or pictures this is it.