Sunday, February 6, 2011

Okay I'll try again

Well we went to Hawaii for two wweks befroe christmas and REALLY enjoyed ourselves. We spent the first week on Kawaii and the second week on the big Island of Hawaii. It was a great rest. We had fun in the sun and went touring the islands most days. We loved the waves and the sand and the people. Robert went on a helicopter ride over the Napali Coast were they filmed many movies especially Jurassic Park and others. The water falls were beautiful. I am a chicken so I went to walmart for breakfast at McDonald's and bought some t-shirts.
We really enjoyed the trip to the volcanoes. It is an awesome sight to see the devistation of the lava flows right down to the ocean. We stayed and went to the top of one volcano sight at night and the glow from the lava was awesome. They have very little lighting up there so it was pitch black and the ground was glowing. We saw Huge turtles climb up on the beach to sun themselves and one day Robert was snorkeling and there were two girls snorkling in the bay and a shark came by. Everyone was safe, in fact the girls didn't even see it. The people were wonderful and the sunny days at the beach were beyond description.
Robert will be having a knee replacement on April 7th. I am a little worried about the surgery but when we went to the surgeon he was awesome. It was like we were old friends and he had a great bedside manner. He will consult with the heart specialist re the difibralator etc. We will have to move a bed down to the family room so he can watch TV etc. after the surgery.
We were blessed by a new Grand daughter in January. Her name is Haven Jean Hull. We have seen pictures of her and she is a real cutey. Hope to see her soon.
Megan's little Kingston is growing and so cute. I try to got down to Meg's almost everyday for my Kingston fix. He just knows how to make me feel great with his big smile and laugh.
Love to all and have a great year.


  1. That's so fun - sounds like you had a wonderfully relaxing trip. I can't wait to go to Hawaii someday!

  2. That sounds like you had a great time in Hawaii! I've never been there, but those are some of the things I'd hope to see.